Polymer Technologies
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Chemical Production Based on Advanced Technologies

Production of high-quality chemical products is an important element of the activity of the “Polymer Technologies” Company. This enables us to introduce new formulations improving the quality of resulting products and making them ultimately close to the needs of our customers.

We implement our new projects on the industrial sites of our associate companies. We closely cooperate with two major chemical enterprises in Russia. These include the Stavropol Factory of Chemical Reagents and Klinsky Industrial Complex.

The “Polymer Technologies” Company is managing a range of joint projects with these enterprises for production of new compounds. Our objectives include the following: developing formulations and technical specifications, supply of raw materials, information and technological support, and distribution of manufactured products.

We are always pleased to cooperate and participate in joint industrial projects. We hope that our knowledge and experience make it possible to obtain raw chemicals of improved quality.

In the Russian market, our products successfully compete with the products of the major global manufacturers. We are sure that high quality and affordable prices will also make them a popular merchandize for foreign consumers.