Polymer Technologies
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Delivery of Raw Chemicals

The “Polymer Technologies” Company supports the stock program for internally manufactured products. We have improved all links in the logistics chain, which enables us to deliver your order in the shortest time.

From amongst our partners, we would like to lay emphasis on the Industrial and Technological Complex of “NVT” LLC located in the North-East of Russia, in the port city of Vyborg. It was designed and built so that the tank farm and process equipment completely ensure handling of all types of cargoes supplied and shipped by various kinds of transport. And, since our objectives include promotion of our internally manufactured products to the foreign market, our partnership is one more essential link in the logistics chain.

The “Polymer Technologies” Company is capable of delivering large industrial volumes of chemical products. But our approach is not less responsible to procuring our customers with laboratory and industrial samples.

We are ready to arrange delivery of your order to your needed destination by using our own resources, or to ensure cooperation with shipping companies selected by you.