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Polyolefin Based Polymer Composition
Uniplen М40-С

Product name: Polypropylene composition

Trade name: Uniplen М40-C

Spec (ТУ): 2211-001-38123886-2013

The "Polymer Technologies" Ltd, has successfully established itself in the polymer materials market and offers a new self-produced material - polypropylene composition – Uniplen М40-C -specification (ТУ) 2211-001-38123886-2013.

The formulation of this composition is developed for the producing of technical products using injection molding method on thermoplastic automatic machines.

"Uniplen M40-C" homogeneously distributes the thermoplastic melt in the molds with a large injection volume, and also has other valuable features:

  • Shrinkage control (0.5-1.0%);
  • Freeze resistance (due to the block copolymer of polypropylene using in the formulation);
  • Impact resistance;
  • The cost of the "Uniplien M40-C" is lower than similar competitive polypropylene compositions.

We are ready to produce the polymer composition based on your recipe, color and other requirements (impact resistance, fire protection).

Technical information:

Parameters Specification
Appearance Granules natural color or stained
Granules mass fraction of 2-7 mm in all directions, % ≥ 95
Melt flow index, g/10 min ≥ 7,5
Tensile strength, MPa ≥ 18
Breaking elongation, % ≥ 10
Charpy impact on unnotched at +23 ° C, kJ / m ≥ 40
Shrinkage, % 0,5 – 1,0
Color difference between the samples
АЕ ≤ 1,2
ДС ≤ 0,8
Not dangerous during transportation

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developed for the manufacture of industrial use products; it has been widely used in automotive and mechanical engineering, construction, production of consumer goods


25 kg PP bags