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Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) - a plastic material, which belongs to the thermoplastics group. It characterized by high electrical insulating and good mechanical properties. In ordinary temperatures thermoplastics stayed in solid form. With increasing temperature, thermoplastics acquires high-elastic and then viscous-flow condition, which allows to mould it with various methods. PVC is synthetically prepared white powder. In pure form it consists of fixed chlorine - 57% and ethylene - 43%.

Polyvinyl chloride has a number of useful properties - high mechanical strength, durability, resistance to temperature and chemicals, fire resistance. Thus, PVC can be named as one of the most popular and modern materials for the production of pipes and fittings, building materials and structures, household supplies, which characterized  with its easy processing, strength and durability of the final product. Windows and doors, vinyl siding and panels, ceilings and garden hoses are produced from PVC. Due to its dielectric properties, PVC is widely used in the manufacture of cables, wires, plugs, junction boxes, sockets, switches…PVC applies in the chemical industry as a raw material for production of coating compositions as well as for the polymeric compounds.

 Depending on the future purpose of PVC,  during its processing there are various components should be added: heat stabilizers, process modifiers, lubricants, pigments and other compounds, which improve the physical and technical characteristics of PVC, which allows to produce the functional and firm material.

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