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Polypropylene is a crystalline thermoplastic polymer without odor and color. In its natural state it is transparent, but can be easily pigmented into several colors and shades. Flexibility and universality of the product allow to use it in any climatic zone. Grade assortment supplied by the producer depends on requirements of the market.

Polypropylene and its copolymers are used for the manufacture of sewer and water pipes, fittings, spare parts, household appliances, various packing.

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Technical product information:

Carmel Bazan Olefins, IsraelCarmel Olefins (BAZAN GROUP) Polypropylene HomopolymerCAPILENE ® E 50 ECAPILENE® E 65 FCAPILENE® G 65 FCAPILENE® G 86 ECAPILENE® G 71 TFCAPILENE® M 45 FCAPILENE® R 50CAPILENE® T 12 EVCAPILENE® T 50CAPILENE® T 89 ECAPILENE® T 77 ACAPILENE® U 77 ACAPILENE® W 77 AVCAPILENE® Y 50 VCarmel Olefins (BAZAN GROUP) Polypropylene Impact CopolymerCAPILENE® SE 50 ECAPILENE® SG 50CAPILENE® TG 50CAPILENE® SL 50CAPILENE® SR 50CAPILENE® TR 50Carmel Olefins (BAZAN GROUP) Polyethylene HomopolymerIPETHENE® 4203IPETHENE® 100IPETHENE® 111IPETHENE® 113IPETHENE® 210IPETHENE® 213IPETHENE® 320IPETHENE® 322IPETHENE® 323IPETHENE® 470IPETHENE® 600IPETHENE® 670IPETHENE® 810IPETHENE® 830Polypropylene (Russian origin)PP H 120 GPPP H 031 BFPP H 200 TRPP H 030 GPPP H 007 EX