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Masterbatches of CaCO3

In the spring of 2014 our company plans to launch the production of the Masterbatches of CaCO3.

The mineral fillers adding into the polypropylene or polyethylene can modify the properties of the base material and permits to these compositions to acquire new properties. This ensures their wide application in various industries.

Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) – is one of the most common types of particulate filler which has a number of advantages - stable properties over a broad temperature range, low hardness, whiteness.

In the near future we will be happy to offer to our customers the granular CaCO3 concentrate that is used to improve the performance of polyethylene and polypropylene at their various production methods.

In extrusion the surface properties are improving, strength indexes, durability and the life of the product are increasing.

In molding the physical properties of polyolefins such as conductivity, viscosity, strength are improving, the dimensional stability of a product at temperature difference is increasing.

The master batch of CaCO3 allows to achieve a higher level of homogeneity of additives distribution by mixing uniformity, in particular in plastics, for the manufacture of the products where the accurate compliance with geometric dimensions is important.

The master batch of CaCO3 can reduce the cost of the final products and partially or completely replace some of the more expensive functional additives.