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Complex Stabilizers

Complex stabilizers – are materials different in composition and properties which are used in the producing of PVC products. The stabilizers can significantly improve the quality of the final product, to provide the stable extrusion of PVC products, to prevent the PVC decomposition during its manufacture.

Despite the growing interest to calcium zinc stabilizers in recent years, the Russian market is aimed to the consumption of lead stabilizers due to their simplicity and efficiency.

Our company offers to its customers a complete solution consisted of the formulation development for a specific production process, taking into account the equipment features, processing modes and raw materials used. Our technical engineers are ready to prepare the final package of additives in order to avoid the dosing errors.

We are also working on the calcium zinc stabilizers formulation developing. These complex stabilizers are considered to be more environment-oriented compare to the lead stabilizers. We already have established the formulation for window profile with 25 pieces of calcium carbonate, which was successfully held the laboratory and industrial tests at one of the biggest manufacture in the southern region of Russia.

We are always ready for cooperation! We hope that our knowledge and experience allow us to produce a better chemical raw materials. And that means a competitive advantage for our customers!